Most high school lacrosse seasons never got off the ground in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the 2021 seasons will have altered timelines in many locations around the country.



High school football games were played in some parts of the country this past weekend, while other regions are still working on plans to get fall sports off the ground.

Such is life in 2020.

High school lacrosse is still months away from starting, but how states handle fall sports could have significant impacts on lacrosse ranging from what time of the year the sport is played, how long the season lasts and what overlaps there are with other sports playing seasons.

For instance, in North Carolina, the lacrosse season has been moved up to be a winter sport with the season running from January 11 through March 12. That timeline will directly overlap with a number of other sports adjusted schedules, including boys and girls basketball, football and boys soccer.
The North Carolina Lacrosse Coaches Association has reached out to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association asking them to push the season start back to April 12 to avoid those conflicts.
Here’s a look at what’s happening in the 23 states where high school lacrosse is a sponsored sport by the state’s official multi-sport sanctioning body. (Note: States where high school lacrosse is played, but not fully sanctioned by the state, are also subject to impact from fall/winter sports schedule changes. The lacrosse entities in those areas will have greater flexibility to adjust as circumstances dictate.)

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