Finding Balance in Conditioning

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By Lauren Davenport
US Lacrosse

As coaches, we recognize the need for our players to be physically fit. As such, part of our role is to provide opportunities for our athletes to improve their physical bodies by incorporating exercises that involve strength, agility, cardio, endurance, stamina, coordination, power, and speed. Hopefully, with the overall intent of making our athletes healthier, help their bodies handle the rigor of playing lacrosse, and do our part to prevent injuries. We know that conditioning is necessary, but is it also fun for your athletes?

When thinking of the Core Value of Athlete Development, Fun and Player-Centered, we look at the overall experience of the athlete. We seek to focus on the needs of the players, understanding what fun is for them, and gearing our coaching towards that. Think about this: how “fun” was conditioning when you were an athlete running endless sprints or miles, or doing pushups until you couldn’t feel your arms? Probably not much fun in that. Your players likely feel the same and like you, buckle down to get through it

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