“Take Me Back”connects today’s lacrosse stars with the next generation of players from their hometowns. This month, Kieran Wiseman, 13, of the Wilton Lacrosse Association in Connecticut, interviews Michigan and U.S. U21 team defenseman Ryan Schriber, who previously played for Wiseman’s dad, John, at Wilton High School.

Ryan: Kieran, man, how have you been? How’s the family?

Kieran: Everyone’s good. My dad is in Sweden right now, but everybody else is here.

Ryan: He’s in Sweden? Geez. Going international. I met you when you were a lot younger. I played for your dad. Good man.

Kieran: When did you start playing lacrosse?

Ryan: I started playing lacrosse when I was in second grade. My older cousin, Pat Holland, played for your dad. He graduated in 2011. I looked up to him a lot. He was one of my role models as a person, not just as a lacrosse player. I would go to all the high school games. You know it. You’re in the tunnel when the guys come out of the locker room high-fiving all the players. That was always one of my favorite things. To watch him play high school lacrosse when I was younger really made me want to play lacrosse.

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